China meets Germany

Hey, it’s Vivian again. A few weeks ago I introduced myself as one of the participants in the Dräger International Graduate Program >life<. In this article I am going to tell you about what I was occupied with in Lübeck and give you a little insight on the differences between the life in my home country China compared to the life in Germany working at the Headquarters. Even before I set off for Germany I knew I should prepare myself for the incoming cultural difference.

Customer Visit – Kurztrip zum Kunden

Vor einigen Wochen hatten wir im Rahmen des Dräger Graduate Programms ›life’14‹ die Chance, für ein paar Stunden einen Einblick in den Alltag des interessanten und wichtigen Kundensegmentes „Feuerwehr“ von Dräger zu erhalten. Hierfür besichtigten wir die Lübecker Berufsfeuerwehr die sich nicht nur mit dem Brandschutz beschäftigt, sondern auch im Zivil- und Katastrophenschutz hilft. Wir erhielten dort einen Eindruck über die Vielzahl der Dräger Produkte, die bei der Feuerwehr täglich im Einsatz sind und bekamen einen spannenden Einblick in den Alltag einer wichtigen Kundengruppe.

Zu Gast im „Paris des Ostens“ – Welcome to Shanghai

Hallo zusammen, ich bin Antje, Junior Supply Chain Manager aus dem Bereich Global Order Fulfillment (GOF), Lübeck. Ich bin auf dem Weg zur Arbeit, zu Draeger Medical Equipment, in Shanghai. Denn auch wenn GOF in Lübeck sein Zuhause hat, spannen sich die Themen über viele Kontinente. Somit bringt mich mein zweites Projekt, welches ich im Rahmen des Graduate Programs >life< ’13 übernehme, in das Land, wo man von Menschen wie mir auch oft als „Langnase“ spricht.

Indonesia meets Germany

Hey, it’s Erwin again. A few weeks ago I introduced myself as one of the participants in the Dräger International Graduate Program >life<. Now in this article I want to tell you about what I am currently occupied with and give you a little perspective on the differences between the life in my home country Indonesia compared to the life in Germany working at the headquarter.

Our Graduates of ›life‹ ´14 – Part 3

Hi, my name is Ernesto and I am from Mexico working in Panama at the regional central/South America offices. My current assignment is innovation & quality Controlling. After studying financial Management I moved to Panama to join Dräger. Having the opportunity to work for a prestigious company with a human face and taking part of challenging projects is the reason why I started at Dräger.

Our Gradues of ›life‹ ´14 – Part 2

Hi, my name is David and I am from Mexico. I am working at the department business performance controlling. To be graduate at Dräger means for me learning from others to strengthen personal as well as professional skills. Moreover I can make a difference in the projects I am working on during my time here in Lübeck.

Our Graduates of ›life‹ ´14 – Part 1

Hey, my Name is Erwin and I am from Indonesia. I work therein the finance section, more precisely in business performance controlling. I decided to do a trainee program at Dräger because they offer me many opportunities to see other cultures beside from my home country and allow me to participate in this challenging program that not only developes my professional but also personal skills in many ways.

Welcome at Dräger – Graduates Welcome-Days of Life ´14

The focus on this year’s program will be financial controlling, and the aim is to be prepared for a future position within the Dräger organization by the end of the program. Our current assignments range from corporate, business performance, purchasing, quality and project management controlling. With such a diversity of projects we are assured that our learning experience will be fruitful for our future career paths within the company.

Mentorship became friendship

Hi! My name is Jeferson. I am from Brazil and I am one of the graduates of life’11. The best thing about the Graduate Program is the networking: Right from the beginning of the program there is a peer mentor who can answer all of your questions or support you in difficulties or hesitation times. My peer mentor was Philipp. We had the chance to get to know each other during my assignment in Germany. We both participated in different events where we gradually became to be friends, which led us and other graduates into meetings outside the office and two very nice trips to Barcelona and Berlin.

Mind Management

Hello. My name is Grant and I am 1/8 of the Life ’13 program. As part of the program we have had the privilege of partaking in an abundant amount of interesting training courses. The training courses have acted as a catalyst for personal development, but perhaps more importantly, group development; and this training was no different!