From Lübeck to the land down under

Bild_aRecently I was invited by the HR-department in Lübeck to attend a Dräger-Best-Student Alumni meeting. My response was this: ‘I would love to attend but the journey from Australia might be a bit excessive’.

So you might wonder how a skinny, pale guy from Einbeck (Niedersachsen) ended up in the land down under. It all started with my internship at Dräger in Lübeck in 2005. I was studying business and engineering in Magdeburg in the 5th semester when a stroke of luck saw me introduced into ‘D-world’ for my internship.

Before I knew it I was working in the R+D department as an intern. Upon conclusion of my internship I was awarded Dräger-Best-Student (there was the stroke of luck again) and continued working for Dräger part-time while resuming my university studies. Fast forward one year and I was given the opportunity to write my diploma thesis in Melbourne, Australia on behalf of Dräger Safety Pacific. Talk about good things coming in threes.

DBS_mineAnd here I am, at my desk in Melbourne writing this blog where I have spent the past 8 years as a product manager. During this time I have looked after a number of different products including air purifying respirators, drug and alcohol detection and OHS protection (occupational health and safety). Being a ‘Jack of all trades’ my day-to-day tasks include product launches, price positioning, advertising, product approvals, stock level management, tender responses, product training, sales support, key customer account and sales channel partner management. The list goes on.

One of the perks when working for Dräger are the wonderful people and places you will encounter. Some of the more memorable places I visited for work were Fiji, the South Island of New Zealand, Groote Eylandt in northeastern Australia and of course Outback Australia.

And yet despite all these exotic places, meeting up with my fellow Dräger-Best-Students in Lübeck would have been great. When it comes to meeting old colleagues and friends perhaps no journey is too far.