The Inside Scoop On Draeger

1Dear reader,

how’s your day going so far? For me, I just had a surprising reply from my colleague via Skype for my simple greeting of “Good morning” and his reply was “My laptop is connected to the screen and everyone can see your message!”. Well I guess at least I greeted everyone with a good morning and hopefully my simple greeting started their day happily!

So you may wonder, who am I, where am I based at and what am I doing at Draeger?

As the saying goes a picture paints a thousand words. The photo on the right will provide you an overall impression, I am the lady in the blue sleeveless dress and my name is Kai Jin. I grew up and live in a beautiful sunny island/country called Singapore.

3I joined the Draeger-family in November 2013 and I work in the Human Resources Department at the Asia Pacific Regional Office. The regional Human Resources Team comprise of my fellow colleagues from Germany, Australia, Greater China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam. If you are like me, who enjoys working in a multi-cultural team, you will love the experience and cultural exchanges your colleagues share with you while at work.

The regional Human Resources Team works closely and supports one another on various HR topics. Also, we strive to ensure the right employee at the right place and be a business partner to the company to achieve the overall business objectives. For this year, we have key initiatives such as to set up a new Annual Feedback Meeting to all countries in the Asia Pacific Region and to implement a new HCM tool in the Asia Pacific Region. These initiatives provide great opportunities for us to work with colleagues in the region and in Germany and it broadens our horizon.

2The group photo on the upper right was taken during a workshop, where our colleagues from Germany as well as the region came together for three and a half days to understand the requirements and challenges for the upcoming HCM tool implementation.

Last but not least, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Hence, to keep things exciting at work, to cultivate our creativity and to foster team spirit within the Regional HR Team, we had various team bonding sessions such as the following:

  1. A cooking class where it is all about Passion!
  2. An outdoor game session before our meeting
  3. A group painting on canvas using acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and paint palettes to let loose
    our imagination!

I am leaving you with these wonderful memories of mine and hope you enjoyed reading about my journey with Draeger as much as I did!