Indonesia meets Germany

HDSC02338ey, it’s Erwin again. A few weeks ago I introduced myself as one of the participants in the Dräger International Graduate Program >life<. Now in this article I want to tell you about what I am currently occupied with and give you a little perspective on the differences between the life in my home country Indonesia compared to the life in Germany, working at the headquarter.

Dräger is an international company with locations all over the world, which is why I got the opportunity to come here in the first place and simultaneously the most exciting part for me as a graduate. Previously I never had any experience in working with different cultures, now in the headquarter I obviously can meet a lot of people from totally different nationalities and cultures. Everyone brings his own personal views to the table, shares them and at the end everybody profits from the exchange.

There are some things that are really different from my home country. The first and the most obvious one is the way people here in Germany show their opinion and feedback. They are very direct and to the point unlike the majority of the people in Indonesia where most of them prefer to restrain themselves from saying something. I see this ‚direct and to the point‘ habit as a good thing that can help others especially in the team to develop, but of course I need to adapt it somehow to fit the Indonesians.

DSC_1254The other thing that also kind of surprises me is the work-life balance here which is not really happening in most of the Asian countries. Here in Germany working hours are like a rule and we can’t do overtime as we like. If we take overtime, we can deduct the working hour from another day, which means we have to go home earlier. From some colleague here I heard that they could not go to the office because they had too many working hours already. This somehow makes people remember that they have a life outside their job which is about family, friends, and even some time for themselves. On the other hand in my opinion this makes people work more efficiently during the working hours and produces a good working environment.

Getting to know the way my colleagues work and their way of thinking and solving problems really enhances my point of view. I got to enrich my knowledge and problem solving skill, which accelerated not just my professional but also my personal development.

DSC_125059In Lübeck I have the chance to look into several business areas which are: Business Performance Controlling, Marketing and Cost Accounting. I like the fact that I’m occupied with various tasks and projects rather than focused on one single area, this really broadens my perspective.

In Business Performance Controlling I have the chance to take part in creating reports to show the development of Dräger Business. In the Marketing area I mainly took part in the project “Pricing Excellence”, where I was occupied with data analysis for setting up the new discount level for certain Dräger products in the safety-area. I haven’t been in the department of Cost Accounting yet but I am really looking forward to learn some new things from that department too.

I am thankful for the opportunities Dräger gives me and curious about the challenges that the future will bring. And yes, I will miss Germany, especially the food, since Germany successfully made me a big fan of “Currywurst” which is not really available in Indonesia. So sad that my stay here in Lübeck will end within a month, but I will always remember this as a very amazing part of my journey.

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