Welcome at Dräger – Graduates Welcome-Days of Life ´14

gruppe2It was at the beginning of October and seven graduates from all around the world were present at Lübeck headquarters to start a new assignment. Officially, this was the start of 21 months of learning experience and personal growth. My name is David, I come from Mexico and I am one of the seven international participants in life’14. Along with representatives from Brazil, China, Indonesia, Germany and Panama, we will be part of a challenging professional experience as part of a top-tier international graduate program.

The focus on this year’s program will be financial controlling, and the aim is to be prepared for a future position within the Dräger organization by the end of the program. Our current assignments range from corporate, business performance, purchasing, quality and project management controlling. With such a diversity of projects we are assured that our learning experience will be fruitful for our future career paths within the company.

t1Since our arrival we have felt really welcomed; as our colleagues from the HR department have been looking after us and guiding us in every step of our integration into the company. Proof of that were the “Welcome Days” organized by HR (Kira and Melanie), where we had the opportunity to meet our fellow graduates in a more informal manner and build up team spirit. During these days, we had different activities to get to know Dräger, its history and values. We also had the chance to set rules for our team interaction with each other.

Now, it has been some weeks since we first arrived; and we have met our colleagues, teams and projects. Also, we have set objectives together with our managers and sponsors and we have received trainings on our daily activities; we certainly feel prepared for the tasks of the coming months and ready to accomplish our goals.

I am strongly confident that we, the graduates, will make the best of our assignment to start a career at Dräger and that we will do our best to meet the expectations that our managers, sponsors and the company have for us. The opportunity to share knowledge, experience and opinions with such an international team is unique. I am sure our “life” experience will be rewarding to us all at a professional and personal Level.