Our Graduates of ›life‹ ´14 – Part 1


Hey, my name is Jessica and I’m from Brazil. During my second assignment here in Lübeck I am working in the Corporate Controlling department. Before I started as a graduate at Dräger, I joined the Junior Company of my University as a Financial Advisor, and did an internship at Robert Bosch for 3 years, 2 years in the subsidiary in Brazil in the Project Management Department and 1 year in the HQ in Stuttgart, working in the Marketing Country Management department of Power Tools. During my internships I had the opportunity to develop some projects such as improvements in the communication between the internal and external sales team, stock reduction of point of sales material, and development of cockpits to analyze the monthly sales performance in all the European Countries. To be part of the >Life< graduate program means to me a unique and great opportunity to learn about the company and its culture, to specialize yourself in the area of your interest and build an international network. It has been a great experience so far and I am looking forward for the next months.


DSC_0179bHey, my Name is Erwin and I am from Indonesia. I work therein the finance section, more precisely in business performance controlling. Previously I finished my master degree of management & business administration and attend some business plan plan competitions as well as working as a trainer and recruiter in an educational institution. Afterwards I decided to do a trainee program and decided almost immediately for Dräger. They offer me many opportunities to see other cultures beside from my home country and allow me to participate in this challenging program that not only developes my professional but also personal skills in many ways. To be a graduate at Dräger means for me to learn and implement what I have learnt in several business situations. I experience real business cases and daily problems and can implement what I learn herein my home country. Finally because all of this, I get to broaden my perspective with a worldwide point of view.