Mentorship became friendship

JefHi! My name is Jeferson. I am from Brazil and I am one of the graduates of life’11. The best thing about the Graduate Program is the networking: Right from the beginning of the program there is a peer mentor who can answer all of your questions or support you in difficulties or hesitation times. My peer mentor was Philipp.

We had the chance to get to know each other during my assignment in Germany. We both participated in different events where we gradually became to be friends, which led us and other graduates into meetings outside the office and two very nice trips to Barcelona and Berlin.

After my assignment we did not lose contact, giving each other a call at least once a month to exchange current work experience, advice and chitchat and finally met again in September 2012 in Brazil on our vacations. Two exciting weeks where we went to Bonito, Pantanal, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, 4 very Brazilian cities and landscapes.  So Draeger is not barcajust work – sometimes it also gives you the chance to make new friends across borders!

Today I am finally having the chance to show everything I have learned in those 21 months of the Graduate Program. I am currently responsible for the Business Intelligence in Brazil. I basically have to make the life of sales people more effective, less complicated and more profitable. During those 7 months  since I started I faced some great challenges such as starting a local satisfaction survey, working on the implementation of a global CRM or taking part of an internal incentive campaign. This was just the beginning of what I believe will be a successful developing process for me at the company.


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